Tuesday, March 20, 2012

AHS News Special: "Moran Moment"

Moran Moment is a special grammar segment added to the AHS school news.  Each episode provides a unique grammar lesson for AHS students.  Students and staff enjoy watching Moran Moment.

Moran Moment videos have been added to YouTube: Moran Moment Channel and to SCS Online Video Library so students and guest may view each segment at any time on the internet.  

CommaRap has got to be my FAVORITE Moran Moment so far!!!  
Mr. Moran as "Flo Mo"

Guest Speaker on Moran Moment:  Dr. Griffin

Entire collection of Moran Moment segments also included on Moran Moment GlogsterEDU:

Which Moran Moment segment is your favorite & why?

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  1. The moran moments are great, love the rap song, you could make a record. Just kiddng lol


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