Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Book Look: A Digital Book Report Presentation

I found a template for book reports created with PowerPoint.  I decided to upload one of the ppt to Google Docs and edit hyperlinks so students would be able to make a copy of the template and create/edit their own digital book report using Google Docs.

To use the template users just need to:
Login into SCS Google Apps for Ed
Open the Google Doc "Book_Look: Book Report Presentation" template: 
Click File > Make a copy...

Students will need to replace each image of the book cover with an image of the book cover they are reviewing.  They should also replace "(Insert name)'s" with their first and last name.  

Students will need to add/edit text for each slide based on the book they are reviewing. 
Example above: Plot slide: Write a summary about the book without giving away the ending.

Each tab is linked to the appropriate slide for each tab title.  The hyperlinks only work in presentation mode "Start Presentation".  In presentation mode - clicking on any of the tabs will display the corresponding slide.

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