Monday, February 25, 2013

Welcome Middle School Teachers to Blogger!

Check out Mrs. S. Davis & Mrs. P. Morton's new blogs!  They just started their blog Friday, Feb 22.  Be sure to follow these blogs to stay connected to the great things happening in 8th grade at AMS!

The Davis Division: Math - study guide or test on graphs.: Linda working hard on her graphing study guide.

Mrs. Morton's Blog:  Morton's Moments

Great job Mrs. Davis & Mrs. Morton!

Reminder Text Message Sent to Your Students or Parents SAFELY & it's FREE

Typical Classroom Scenario: 

Teacher assigns a reading, vocabulary, a worksheet, an article, an essay for homework. The teacher has high expectations that all their students come to school with their homework completed and they'll be able to discuss the work with them during class.

However, the next day arrives and only a few of your students have actually done the work. Well, the teacher can't move on and they can't have the discussion they prepared.  So, they spend the class period going over the homework to ensure that every student accesses the content.  Those students who did the homework are bored and not challenged and those who didn't do the homework think they got away with something.  Now the teacher has lost valuable instructional time with the students.

Remind 101
Remind 101 is a SAFE, FREE, one-way text messaging service created for teachers to communicate with students and parents.  Students don't get your phone number and you don't get theirs - SAFE.  Students can't message you back - SAFE.  It doesn't cost you a thing to sign up - FREE.  It doesn't cost your students or parents anything to sign up - FREE.

Remind 101 is online AND it's an app on Google Play and in the App Store for Apple products.  You can send a reminder whenever and wherever.

You can also schedule a reminder to PARENTS that will be sent via text and no charge to you.  Send reminders for important conferences, PTO, games, and other school events via text message.  They will never see your number with messages sent via Remind 101.

Fast. Safe. Easy.

Teachers never see students' phone numbers. Students never see theirs.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

If It Were My Home: Comparing Your Country To Other Countries

If It Were My Home” is a gateway to understanding life outside your country. Did you know if you lived in Pakistan instead of the US, you would be 83% less likely to have HIV/AIDS? Some of the statistics may surprise you.

“Use our country comparison tool to compare living conditions in your own country to those of another. Start by selecting a region to compare on the map to the right, and begin your exploration.”

USA compared to Portugal:

*More Information about Portugal

Reading about Portugal

Check out the recommended reading list below for great sources of information on Portugal.
Try it out yourself.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Inspiring & Effective Teaching Practices

JOIN Teaching Channel = Free!

Teaching Channel is a video showcase—on the Internet and TV—of inspiring and effective teaching practices in America's schools. It's an ever-growing network of educators!

The Teaching Channel put together three time saving tips so you can quickly find and receive information most relevant to you:
  1. Make Teaching Channel Work for You
    In order to get the most out of Teaching Channel, complete your Workspace Profile. Select your grade, subject, and educational interests; with this information, we will keep you updated about new videos that match your interests.
  2. Keep Track of Teaching Channel Videos
    You can add any video to your free, personal, Lesson Planner. You can even schedule an email reminder for when you want to try that strategy during the school year. Watch the video to learn how to use this great resource.
  3. Take Customized Notes
    When you view a video, click the "my notes" (second) tab. Every note will come with a little red time stamp that can be used to fast forward or rewind when you share those notes (or just want to review your own comments). Now that is a time saver! To see notes in action, watch this video.