Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY Become a Maker

DIY is a club for kids to earn Skills. DIY Makers share their work with the community and get patches for the Skills they earn. Each Skill consists of a set of Challenges that help them learn techniques to get the hang of it. Once a Maker completes a Challenge, they add photos and video to their Portfolio to show what they did.

Makers are curious about the world and strive to learn all kinds of practical knowledge and share it. They seek adventure in the outdoors, participate in communities, use technology to innovate, and have the confidence to try new things.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Students Participate in the World Education Games 2013

The World Education Games is the world’s largest education event, with literally millions of students taking part from almost every country on the planet.  The 2013 Games span all three core learning strands; each one challenging and designed to inspire students to engage with education.  This year, the World Education Games will also be attempting to set three new world records for the largest educational events.  The three day event (Mar. 5-7) has a focus each day – literacy, math and science.
AMS students in AIG and in Mrs. Jones’ computer classes are competing in these events against students all around the world.  There are 5 challenge levels and students complete 10 rounds in each level for a total of 50 rounds for literacy and math.  Each round lasts 60 seconds and students get one point for each correct answer.  Science is different with easy questions worth 1 point, medium questions worth 2 points, and hard questions worth 3 points (think of Jeopardy).  Students started competing today since it is Mar. 5th in some countries now.
The students are enjoying the friendly competition among other students all over the world.  Mrs. Williams’ 7th grade boys are 35th; 8th grade boys are 37th on the World Hall of Fame for ages 14-18; 8th girls are currently12th in the world as of March 4, 2013. Game On!

Central's 5th Grade Davis Class Participated in World Games

Check out some of the student results and some of the students 5th grade played against so far:

G. Olivieri played against a student from Oprah Winfrey's Leadership Academy

C. Dejak has earned 2 gold medals so far since this screen was captured

IPEVO made Davis's Wish a Reality

I am so excited to announce that my 2nd wish from IPEVO has just been granted.  I submitted the wish for March which is a WS-01 Wireless Station for the USB Document Cam (Point 2 View) I received in January. This device will allow an IPEVO document cam — the Point 2 View or Ziggi — to communicate wirelessly with an iPad so you can do even more in the classroom or any room for when you need to quickly project a book, experiment, math/science lab, student work, etc.

IPEVO recently posted my 1st Wish Came True story on their blog (read more below).  This Wishpool still seems too good to be true, but I am so happy that it is REALITY!!!  So many of the teachers I work with now have document cameras.  I received several email messages from staff members telling me how much they love their document camera and how they are using it in the classroom.  Teachers often tell me of their success stories and how the document camera has helped their students learn!

IPEVO made Davis's wish a reality

Maureen Davis  Stanly County Schools
Albemarle Stanly County NC USA

*101 Ways to Use a Document Camera in the Classroom

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Friday, March 1, 2013


Edcanvas is a website which I only recently came across. It is used to help students and teachers organise and present online content in one place. A classroom example use may be: you are starting a new topic or project in class and you are doing some research to gather your resources for the topic. Normally, your resources for the topic may be spread across various sources or maybe in a LiveBinder. You may have a Powerpoint in Dropbox, a Word file on your desktop, a PDF on a pen drive, a Youtube video favourited on the website, numerous links saved in your browser. Edcanvas allows teachers to gather all of these resources into one place and have them ready to present in class so that you have everything ready at your fingertips in one location.

Each time a teacher begins to gather resources for a new topic, they can just start a new “Canvas”. They can also edit old canvasses and add new resources to them as you come across new material. Adding resources is very easy, just using a “drag and drop” method. There are icons that allow you to quickly access places where your resources may be stored – Dropbox, Google Drive, Youtube, Bookmarks etc.

The great thing about Edcanvas is that once you have created it, you can “run” or play the Canvas from within Edcanvas. Sharing a Canvas is also easy – it can be shared via email, to Edmodo, Twitter, Facebook or you can also embed the Canvas into a blog or class web page. You can also browse Canvases created by other users and find out about resources that they have gathered for their projects/topics. One last thing about Edcanvas that may appeal to teachers is that you can create a class account where students can create their own canvases and see canvases created by others.

You can sign up for an Edcanvas account using your existing Google account. Canvases are public by default but you can make them private in just two clicks – first by clicking on the Share button followed by the lock toggle.

How To Create a Canvas on Edcanvas 

How to invite students to create canvases on Edcanvas (intro)

Edcanvas + Edmodo = Better Learning

Free Edcanvas Edmodo App is here!