Monday, March 4, 2013

Students Participate in the World Education Games 2013

The World Education Games is the world’s largest education event, with literally millions of students taking part from almost every country on the planet.  The 2013 Games span all three core learning strands; each one challenging and designed to inspire students to engage with education.  This year, the World Education Games will also be attempting to set three new world records for the largest educational events.  The three day event (Mar. 5-7) has a focus each day – literacy, math and science.
AMS students in AIG and in Mrs. Jones’ computer classes are competing in these events against students all around the world.  There are 5 challenge levels and students complete 10 rounds in each level for a total of 50 rounds for literacy and math.  Each round lasts 60 seconds and students get one point for each correct answer.  Science is different with easy questions worth 1 point, medium questions worth 2 points, and hard questions worth 3 points (think of Jeopardy).  Students started competing today since it is Mar. 5th in some countries now.
The students are enjoying the friendly competition among other students all over the world.  Mrs. Williams’ 7th grade boys are 35th; 8th grade boys are 37th on the World Hall of Fame for ages 14-18; 8th girls are currently12th in the world as of March 4, 2013. Game On!

Central's 5th Grade Davis Class Participated in World Games

Check out some of the student results and some of the students 5th grade played against so far:

G. Olivieri played against a student from Oprah Winfrey's Leadership Academy

C. Dejak has earned 2 gold medals so far since this screen was captured

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