Friday, December 6, 2013 - Free Digital Assessment Tool is a website designed to help students learn and teachers teach. The Answer Pad is basically an application that lets students send digital answers to the teacher. creates an interactive dialogue between teachers and students in the classroom. This is done by making a variety of response types, drawings, canvases, and templates available to students on any device with an internet connection.

Choose from 8 different question types.
Number Wheel
Fill in
Pie Shade-In
Rectangle Shade-In
Coordinate Grid
MC 5 Answer Choices

Students answer questions and annotate images on their internet accessible device (laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, etc) and then send their responses to the teacher for immediate feedback.

On top of that, The Answer Pad offers test creation tools with feedback and analysis.  It's great application that is similar to the "clicker" student response systems.

This online/app resource allows you as a teacher to engage your students so that learning is easier, more effective, and fun! You can connect with your students digitally using their website on any internet accessible device or use a free downloadable app for students with access to iPads.  You can also use an iPad to capture all the data from existing paper tests, and score it, too.

Teachers register for FREE at Students either log in at to use the browser version or download the TAPit Free iPad app.

When you first register and sign in to The Answer Pad, you'll  see a step-by-step guide on how to get started.  AnswerPad provides plenty of help menus, guides, and even an extensive video library to help you with anything you might have trouble with.

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