Sunday, March 2, 2014

BiblioNasium ~ Motivates Independent Reading

What is BiblioNasium?
BiblioNasium is the fun, reading log for kids ages 6-13. BiblioNasium excites, engages and encourages a love of the written word. Kids can log their reading, play games, complete reading challenges and earn rewards within a safe social network built especially for them.  

BiblioNasium is a fun and engaging reading community that will help teachers connect with their students outside of the classroom.  Teachers can set up their favorite books and recommended lists on virtual bookshelves that will be available to your students at all times. Students can send teachers their reading logs instead of handing them in on paper; teachers can set up fun challenges and rewards that will help encourage your students to keep reading, and teachers can set up a reading list that the students won’t lose. It brings children together and gives them a chance to easily recommend books to each other.

  • online reading log
  • teachers and students can create reading lists
  • teachers can track student's progress
  • makes reading recommendations based on reading levels and interests

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