Friday, May 15, 2015

Tellegami - Quickly create animated video messages

Tellagami, a free *mobile app that lets you create short animated movies called "Gamis."
*(iPhone, iPad, or Android)
After downloading the Tellagami app, you can begin by creating and customizing a character. The free version doesn't offer many options in virtual appearance, but there are just enough options to personalize your character. You can choose a background either from a few provide by the app itself or your camera roll. I uploaded a picture I took of a computer lab.  You could take a picture at the front of the classroom and have your character introduce yourself to the class. It can also be embedded on your class website.

You have options for how your animation comunicates your message.  Your can choose for your character to talk, either by recording your voice or typing in text. If you record your voice, you have 30 seconds. If you choose text to speech, there are male and female voices with a few different accents. 

"Check out this Gami!"

Classroom ideas: 
  • Have your character tell a story.
  • Pick a person in history and have them introduce themselves
  • Use a plant cell as the background and have the character name and discuss the function of each part of the cell.
  • Recite a famous poem or speech
  • Students read a poem they wrote
  • Take a trip or go back in time and describe where the location/time period
  • Speak in Spanish, French, Mandarin or any language

When you are all done, Gamis can be emailed or use the shared link or embed code. You also have options to post on social media.

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