Thursday, February 25, 2016

Your Voice to Format and Edit Your Google Docs

Type, edit and format with your voice in Docs - no keyboard needed

Type with Your Voice - Docs editor help


You Can Now Use Your Voice to Format and Edit Your Google Docs

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 – Interactive Digital Worksheets and Writing Assignments

Wizer.Me is a free tool for teachers to make cool, interactive online worksheets for their students. Interactive resources online can provide your students a blended learning experience without a lot of legwork in advance.

You can quickly create an account by signing in with Google.  The website is incredibly simple to use and offers you so many fantastic options.  There are several styles and backgrounds to choose from or you can always upload your own image.   You can create your "worksheet" by choosing from the basic options such as multiple choice, open question, or matching.  However, you can also add an image for your students to label, include a video for them to watch, a chart to fill in, a link to an article to read, fill in the blanks, embed a video, image, chart, Google maps, and much more!  There are even many Wizer.Me assignments already created by other connected educators that share what they have created.   If you click on the "featured worksheets" button, you will be taken to a webpage filled with assignments ready to be used.  Be sure to explore many of the available worksheets that you can use with your students.

Getting Started:  Teachers create an account at, create an assignment, and assign to their class.  Teachers need to be sure to sign up as a "Teacher" - students will sign in/sign up as "student".   Options to assign include Google Classroom or direct link.  Students will need accounts as well.  Each assignment is given a unique pin number and teachers also have the option to share the assignment globally.  After completing an assignment, students can receive immediate feedback if the teacher has set it up. Otherwise, will grade some items for the teacher automatically, then when the teacher finishes the assessment, they have the option to send student feedback.
Take a peek and find inspiration from other teachers that have shared their creations in their community gallery.

FYI: Generally, there are 2 kinds of links - one with 'learn' in it, which is for students to work on and it had the PIN code in it (the last 5 digits). The other link has 'preview' in it and is used for announcements, share with colleagues or on social media, etc.
So first, make sure you're using the right link for each usage. 
If a teacher is getting a message to enter a PIN code it means he/she has signed in as a student to test the worksheet, and her account has been switched to a student one. She can try log out and log back in and it should solve this problem.
*If she initially signed up to for the first time as a student logging out won't work, so please contact help support by clicking on their help button and let them know that your account needs to be reset as a "teacher".