Thursday, April 11, 2019

Google Sheets - How to Create a Pivot Table in 3 Minutes


Simple steps in creating a pivot table using Google Spreadsheets shared on iorad with step-by-step instructions:
1 The first step is to open a Google Sheet with your data and Click Data
Step 1 image
2 Click Pivot table...
Step 2 image
3 For this example, we'll keep it simple by using just Rows & Values.

Click Add next to Rows
Step 3 image
4 Depending on your data, you will have different dropdown options.

For this example, Click Category
Step 4 image
5 Let's use Values to show a summary of Values in each Category.

Click Add next to Values
Step 5 image
6 We want to see the Amount Column from the spreadsheet.

Click Amount in the dropdown.
Step 6 image
7 Let's see what the average is in one column.

We'll click the dropdown arrow.
Step 7 image
8 Then we'll Click AVERAGE
Step 8 image
9 Let's also add another column to include the Sum for each category.

We'll Click Add next to Values again.
Step 9 image
10 Again, Click Amount.
It will default to SUM, so you are set!
Step 10 image
11 That's it. You're done.
Step 11 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Increase Student Engagement with EdPuzzle

EDpuzzle helps teachers customize video content for their classrooms by giving them an easy way to edit video clips, add voice-overs, and embed quizzes.

Reinforce accountability

Know if your students are watching your videos, how many times per section and if they're understanding the content

Engage students easily

Enable self-paced learning with interactive lessons, just add your voice and questions within the video.

Save time

Take already existing videos from YouTube, Khan Academy, Crash Course… or upload your own.

Free use for teachers and students

Monday, October 22, 2018

FREE Super Teacher Tools

Super Teacher Tools provides a wide variety of FREE classroom review games, teacher productivity software, and some random fun stuff too!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Zero Noise Classroom - Stopwatch & Noise Level Display

Zero Noise Classroom
free noise level display & stopwatch for the cooperative learning classroom.

ApplicationZero Noise Classroom provides a countdown timer and a noise meter into one convenient Chrome app. It helps students be aware of the noise level in the classroom during cooperative learning activities, and moderate it accordingly. When you launch Zero Noise Classroom you can set the countdown timer and adjust the goal for the volume of noise in your classroom. When the selected time is over, a chime will sound.  The percentage of time that the noise level has exceeded the optimal level is displayed so the teacher can use that value in gamification techniques.

Classroom ideas:

Displaying a countdown during the activity adds gamification elements to the process. Choosing the right time for each activity is important so that the time is not too short because that would generate too much stress, or too long because it would lose tension.  This process requires some practice and tweaking.

Some teachers give each exercise/task a preassigned difficulty, which they translate in the amount of time necessary to solve the exercise. Teachers can create a code to represent minutes, such as a number of stars: zero stars (☆☆☆) = 2 or 3 minutes, one star (★☆☆) = 5 minutes, two stars (★★☆) = 10 minutes, and 3 stars (★★★) are at least 15 minutes.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

HyperDoc: An Innovative & Engaging Google Doc

What is a HyperDoc

HyperDoc is a term used to describe a Google Doc that contains an innovative lesson for students- a 21st Century worksheet, but much better. ... With one shortened link, students can access a lesson that contains instructions, links, tasks, and many clever ways to get kids thinking.

Get your own COPY

NoteBookCast - Free Online Whiteboard

What is noteBookCast

A tool where you can create a real-time online whiteboard shared between multiple persons inside an internet browser allowing everybody to do the next actions simultaneously:

  • Draw and write on the online whiteboard with a pen supported PC, tablet or mouse.
  • Text chat.
  • Add images to the background of the board.
  • Draw shapes easily.
  • Use a laser pointer to point at any place on the online whiteboard with a different color for each user.
  • Capture the content of the online  whiteboard into an image and download.

And much more features!

Create an online whiteboard

You can create a real-time whiteboard by selecting Create an online whiteboard from top menu and filling the new whiteboard form fields: Board title, Board size and Display Name.

That’s it! , you have your real-time board ready to go, once the board is created you can invite other to your whiteboard by simple sending them the URL address of the created whiteboard.

If you create an account and login before creating the whiteboard you will have all your whiteboards saved for later user.