Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why LiveBinders?

I know I have shared LiveBinders with you in previous post and trainings, but this video really captures the awesome features of LiveBinders.  What if you could take every binder you own and turn it into a useful digital resource for you and your students?  What if you could share your binders on your classroom website?

LiveBinders - Email, Facebook, Twitter, and texting can all be used to send information to individuals or groups. You can embed URLs on a website or blog. But after enough links/sites come your way, it can be hard to keep track of them. LiveBinders created a way to organize resources and information in one location - which is put together like a traditional 3-Ring binder using tabs and sub-tabs. Ideas:
  • Teachers can embed a LiveBinder link on their website which houses PowerPoint lectures,  Videos, and recommended websites for student/parent viewing.
  • Parents can use it to keep track of safe websites for their kids, or to help them find online resources for their student's project.
  • Collaborative learning groups can use LiveBinder to keep all of their group project resources and information in one organized place.
Watch this video to find out more...

Check out "My LiveBinders Shelf" by clicking on the "My LiveBinders Shelf" tab above or link.  All LiveBinders that I put on my "Engage Students" shelf are also automatically shared on "My LiveBinders Shelf" page of Engage Students.

More helpful resources regarding LiveBinders:

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