Monday, November 12, 2012

Document Cameras in the Classroom

A document camera is one of the easiest and quickest ways to integrate technology into your classroom. There are very few simple steps needed to use this piece of equipment. A classroom document camera can be connected to a LCD projector through a computer or connected directly to a LCD projector. This one piece of classroom technology can be used to actively engage students in the learning process. Visual learners will benefit from the use of a classroom document camera by seeing small items, text, demonstrations in a much bigger way. Hands-on learners can also benefit from the use of a document camera by allowing them to be the ones placing objects or items under the document camera and explaining what they are showing. Another benefit of using a document camera is the decrease in copying expense. Schools are always looking at ways to maximize the financial resources that are available. A classroom document camera can drastically reduce the amount of copying a teacher has to do. Instead of copying 30 quizzes for a class, place 1 copy of the quiz under a document camera and either have students answer the questions on a sheet of paper or use clickers such as the ActivVotes or Expressions to have students answer the quiz questions.

List of ideas for using document cameras in the classroom

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