Monday, December 3, 2012

Online Math Practice takes all the math topics in your grade and gives you a large menu aligned to state standards or Common Core standards. As a teacher you have complete control, giving the kids specific areas that they need to work on. They log in and either work on the assigned homework, or do as many practice problems as they want on any number of topics, all of them relevant. Kids get to ‘earn’ games by showing mastery in tracks of knowledge and as a teacher you can see how well they are doing and download heaps of data on their progress.

The second tool is Scootpad is a lot friendlier than TenMarks and the setup process is simpler. Students join a ‘class’ have a ‘wall’ where they can see messages from their teacher and can even send encouraging messages to other students - these may also be restricted in the teacher account settings. One plus of this is that the messages and status updates come from a pre-approved list, leaving no room for cyber-bullying.

Scootpad takes a different tack to homework, each time they take a quiz the system learns a little more about the individual student, and assigns them questions based on the topics they need to learn. This means that each child gets individualized practice based on their need. Despite its cute looks, there are no games on Scootpad, but it also has reading help as well as math.

One tool lets you give surgical practice based on need. If you need a kid to have more practice on division, use TenMarks to assign lots of division problems. Need the kid to have general math practice and tired of running worksheets off the copier? Use Scootpad to take the place of that big box of math worksheets.

Both tools come with lots of hints, and tutorials and iOS apps.

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