Sunday, January 27, 2013

Doodling in Math: Vi Hart Videos

I just stumbled upon Vi Hart videos while searching for educational videos on YouTube. I was totally captivated by her "Doodling in Math" series.  I only wish that these videos would have been available when I was in school.  
These videos are interesting for all learners, but especially interesting for visual learners.  Students and teachers will be amazed by these video clips!
Vi Hart now works for Khan Academy and many of her videos are linked to

To begin with, you should view Doodling in Math: Sick Number Games:

Don't stop there... view many more of her video clips "Doodling in Math_____" series.

Art teachers may also want to use some of these ideas to integrate more math into the art curriculum.  I think most students would love to learn how to create Hexaflexagons:

Vi Hart Channel 

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