Monday, April 8, 2013

Math Trail: Powered by GoogleMaps

Math Trail from HeyMath! is a series of map-based math trivia challenges. Each game follows a trail of locations that students have to find by using the clues provided. When they arrive at the correction location students have to answer the multiple choice math question presented to them before moving on to the next question in the trail. Math Trail provides a nice blend of geography questions and math questions appropriate for 5th to 8th(+) grade students.

Students can choose an Olympic trail, 7 Wonders, Towers, Rivers, Eminent Mathematicians, Famous Islands, Cricket or Ramanujan trails. To begin, students choose a trail and then click on the “start” button.  A list of instructions pops up.  In each trail, math questions are hidden around the map.  Students zoom in within the map to the location suggested by the clue.  There are little balloons located all over the map.  If students struggle to find the location, they can click the “show location” button at the bottom.  At the bottom of the page, there is a white box that holds clues.  When students reach a location, they are given a math challenge to complete.  At each location, students have the opportunity to earn a gold coin.

FYI:  There doesn't appear to be a guide for level of difficulty for math questions used with each trail & they are not labeled with Common Core standards. These trails are great for students to explore on their own, but you could have students go through a trail together using the interactive whiteboard.  

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