Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Illustrative Mathematics - tasks and tools that support implementation of the CCSS

Illustrative Mathematics (K-12) This website features a clickable version of the Common Core in mathematics and illustrations of specific standards with associated classroom tasks and solutions.

Anyone can access the activities posted on Illustrative Mathematics.

Illustrative Mathematics can be helpful for new teachers who are looking for lesson ideas.  Illustrative Mathematics may also be helpful for experienced teachers exploring ideas for teaching Common Core Standards.  The Common Core State Standards are profoundly different from most state standards documents, but those differences are not always obvious to teachers, curriculum developers, assessment writers, teacher educators, or policy makers.

Illustrative Mathematics Goals:

  • To illustrate standards with impeccably crafted tasks, videos, lesson plans, and curriculum modules.
  • To be the premier source of freely available online mathematics content for teachers, teacher leaders, assessment developers, curriculum writers, and teacher educators.
  • To be a discerning professional community that creates content and deploys expertise in multiple ways.
  • To engage individuals and small groups, with rare and needed expertise, who are currently isolated in pockets across the country.
  • To provide a space for teachers to share across classrooms and help each other grow in teaching our children mathematics.

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