Monday, May 5, 2014

Everyslide ~ Share Your Slides as Interactive Presentations

EverySlide is a free service that allows you to share your slides directly to the iPads, laptops, or Chromebooks devices used by your class or group. As you move through your shared slides, so do they, as you discuss and you can pop-up a poll to gather feedback from your class.

EverySlide  allows you to upload and share your PowerPoint or PDF presentation online to other devices while you are presenting.  You can also save a Keynote or Google presentations as PDFs or PowerPoint presentations to upload to EverySlide.  All that you need to do to share is the URL they provide once the presentation or pdf is uploaded. Anyone else with an internet capable device is able to view and interact with your presentation as you go. They do not need to create an account to view your shared presentation.  Each slide is touch interactive, so you can ask your audience to click on their screen to answer a question…possibly a map you have showing.  The program compiles the data and will then display it as “hotspots” on your map.  The more clicks an area gets the darker the spot becomes.  

Getting started with your free EverySlide account:

After you sign up for your free account and log in, your main page is simple and easy to use.  Upload your file(s) to the site and start the presentation online.  There is also an option to create an instant poll without even starting a presentation.

Share your presentation/pdf:

Once a presentation has been uploaded and started you will see a URL (Example above: in the upper middle of the screen. This is the address you share with others so they can join your presentation. (This address/URL is NOT case sensitive)
Your toolbar runs across the top of your presentation.  You have other options available to you:
  • Move between slides with the arrows in the upper left.  Each participant has the ability move back to previous slides from their device but they cannot move ahead of where you are in the presentation.
  • Go full screen.
  • Create an instant poll.
  • Show/hide the collected clicks on the screen by your participants.  If you look toward the lower left you will see a red dot.  That is where I clicked as a participant.  As more click you will see the dots populate.
  • The two numbers will show the number of clicks vs the number of viewers.  You quickly can tell how many people are following along and how many have made a selection.

Instant Polls:

The instant poll option is a quick assessment resource as well.  You have 120 characters to use for a question.  Choose from true/false, multiple choice, or a word cloud.  Once you start the poll your question will be displayed on everyone’s screen.  EverySlide will collect the data and give you an option to display the results as the poll is underway.  Stop the poll at any time.  This is an easy and quick way check for understanding.

Be sure to also search their shared/public interactive presentations:

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