Thursday, May 1, 2014

Useful YouTube Tools ~ Share the Best of YouTube's Media in the Classroom

Media can be used in almost any subject to enhance learning.  Research shows that visual media makes concepts more accessible to a person than text media and helps with later recall (Cowen, 1984). Visual media helps students retain concepts and ideas. Bransford, Browning, and Cocking (1999, p 194)

Teachers often use YouTube to find visual media.  YouTube has grown into one of the biggest resources for educational content.  Teachers love having access to YouTube in school to enhance their lessons. Below are some useful tools that allow teachers to make the most out of the YouTube videos they select to use in the classroom.

YouTube Video Editor - Did you know that you can quickly edit a video in YouTube?  Upload a video that you capture to YouTube Video Editor and then you can make cuts, transitions and add text to your video. You can also enhance your videos by adding resources shared with Creative Commons. In YouTube Editor you can search Creative Commons videos to find what you need to add to your video. You can also upload soundtracks to ambiance. Once done, the video saves right to your YouTube account. It's that easy!

Quiet Tube - There are many useful videos on YouTube that teachers may use to enhance their lessons, but they worry about all the inappropriate videos and/or comments that appear around the video as well.  Quiet Tube might be the answer for you. This is a bookmarklet that, when  you are on a video you want to watch, you click and it strips away all the content on the page except for the video. No annoying comments. No inappropriate suggested videos after. Just the video you want to show.

TubeChop - (currently blocked on SCS network, but may be used at home and final video may be viewed on SCS network on teacher accounts only) TubeChop allows you to easily chop a funny or interesting section from any YouTube video and share it.  There are some videos where all you need is a small portion. Often, teachers will need to be able to quickly share the relevant portion of a video, rather than waiting for the entire video to load.  Welcome TubeChop. Just go to the TubeChop site, enter the URL of the YouTube video you want to shorten, select the start and end points and then chop! It's that easy! You have a shortened YouTube video!  You can then share it via a link or embed the chopped video on your site, blog, edmodo, or email.

DragoON Tape -There may be times you need a series of videos and they would be better off watched one right after another. DragoON Tape does just that. You can trim to the sections you want, add another video and another and another, creating your own personal mixed video that you can then post via a link or embed.  DragoON Tape is really simple to use, just search for a video by YouTube URL or subject and drag it down to the timeline.  Add as many videos to the timeline as you want and save it.  DragoON Tape makes it easy to give your students access to several videos with just one url.

Watch2Gether- Sometimes watching a video as a group is just what you need. Watch2Gether does just that. This service is provided for free and can be used without signing up first.  Sessions are created by choosing a username, and then picking these videos that one wants to have played. People are invited by sending them the unique URL that goes with each room. And once the actual session has started in earnest, participants can comment on what they're watching thanks to the provided chat window. Users may also an option to create playlists and share with others for further collaboration.

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