Friday, December 12, 2014

K-8 Differentiated Math Instruction Website & App ~ FREE

Differentiated Math Instruction
Common Core Aligned Math Practice for K-8 on the iPad and the Web

Front Row

Zero in on Common Core math with personalized practice and assessments

Common Sense Graphite Review:
What's It Like?
Front Row is a free math practice website for grades K-8 that is aimed at addressing Common Core skills. Upon signing up, teachers are directed to the dashboard, where they'll create rosters and add students. Once there, teachers will also notice the dashboard's myriad other capabilities: a report card feature, an analysis tool, grouping options for differentiated instruction, printable worksheets, a weekly student-practice feed, grade-level graphs of student progress, and a list of K-8 Common Core math standards. What's more, upon clicking standards in this list, a set of sample student questions and teacher resources appear. These resources might also include YouTube videos or lessons from other outside sources.

Students are prompted to complete a baseline assessment upon first logging in. They'll choose one of the program's 11 domains, targeting either foundational or more advanced skills, before answering at least 10 questions. The results of this pre-assessment are immediately available on the teacher dashboard. Teachers can use this information to assign students additional practice as needed throughout the program. Students can access Front Row using a tablet (with an accompanying app) or from a Web browser (Front Row recommends Chrome and, ideally, Chromebooks). All information is stored in the cloud, so kids can use different devices interchangeably. Furthermore, individual logins make it easy for students to share devices, if necessary.

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