Thursday, April 11, 2019

Google Sheets - How to Create a Pivot Table in 3 Minutes


Simple steps in creating a pivot table using Google Spreadsheets shared on iorad with step-by-step instructions:
1 The first step is to open a Google Sheet with your data and Click Data
Step 1 image
2 Click Pivot table...
Step 2 image
3 For this example, we'll keep it simple by using just Rows & Values.

Click Add next to Rows
Step 3 image
4 Depending on your data, you will have different dropdown options.

For this example, Click Category
Step 4 image
5 Let's use Values to show a summary of Values in each Category.

Click Add next to Values
Step 5 image
6 We want to see the Amount Column from the spreadsheet.

Click Amount in the dropdown.
Step 6 image
7 Let's see what the average is in one column.

We'll click the dropdown arrow.
Step 7 image
8 Then we'll Click AVERAGE
Step 8 image
9 Let's also add another column to include the Sum for each category.

We'll Click Add next to Values again.
Step 9 image
10 Again, Click Amount.
It will default to SUM, so you are set!
Step 10 image
11 That's it. You're done.
Step 11 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners